All of the events, places, start times and members who are rostered on can be found by the drop down menu bar.

RIDERS are required to register and collect their race number 15 minutes before race start.

RACE ENTRY to the Handicapper via the Club entry email:
Non Hume Club members . . . please advise: your current club, handicap mark and your club handicapper’s contact telephone number for verification purposes.
If necessary, the Hume Handicapper may be contacted on 0438 218 695 for phone contact or SMS.

Entries Close: 9.00 pm Friday before the race unless otherwise stated.

Note: The Club reserves the right to refuse any rider entry.

Entry Fees: All club racing entry is $15.00 (which includes our costs for mandatory First Aid presence)

Late Entries: A late fee of $10 (plus race fee) is payable for a late entry. (refer to Club late entry policy)
‘On the Line’ entry (if accepted) is $20 (plus race fee).

The Club does not accept late or ‘on the line’ entries for any of its Feature Races.
The Club Christmas Handicap – open to all (Raffle component is for Hume Club Members Only)

Withdrawing: Riders may withdraw from a Club event by phoning the Handicapper up to 6.00 pm on the Saturday (For Sunday Races). Once nominated; if the Handicapper is not notified of your intention to withdraw from the event (by the above Saturday time) YOUR ENTRY FEE REMAINS PAYABLE.

DUTY ROSTERED MEMBERS are required to be present 15 minutes before the race start for duty briefing. Please read the information on entry and roster duties below.

DUTY ROSTER: The Duty Roster plays an important part to the running of our Club and to the safety of our riders. As a member you are asked to perform a duty in an official capacity at least once a year. The duty will include being vehicle mobile as you may be assigned to one or more positions on the course and may involve completing more than one task. You may exchange with another member or use a partner or friend to do the duty for you, should you be unable to keep your appointed roster, or wish to race that day. Please do not contact a committee member for them to arrange substitutes for you – THIS WILL NOT BE DONE. If you use a substitute, PLEASE ADVISE the Handicapper prior to race day with the alteration. If you or your substitute fail to complete your duty YOU WILL NOT BE entitled to race until you have completed your duty.
DUTY ROSTERED members are asked to acknowledge their appointment or advise their substitute with The Handicapper by 9.00 p.m. Friday prior to the race event.