NOTE: ALL MEMBERSHIPS ARE NOW “ON-LINE” ONLY at the SPORTS TG website via the link directly below.

Instructions for NEW MEMBERS: If you are joining for the first time, you can join after the 1st of October and get 15 months membership instead of 12 months for the first year. This is so that riders do not have to wait until after the 1st of January to race (if you fall into the correct age category). In the Sports TG website link above – Click on “New Registration” and follow the prompts.

Please Note: All NEW Members  are required to print out and complete the Hume Membership Form (below) so we have your contact details on record, as this forms part of our Risk Management Policy requirements. Please ensure this Hume Membership Form is received by the Secretary after completion. (Any current member who has changed their status, we ask that you inform the Secretary of the changes or complete a further Club Membership Form).

Hume Membership Form

Instructions for EXISTING MEMBERS (renewing): In the Sports TG website link – Click on “Login” – enter your User Name and Password (your Login details are the u/n & p/w you received at registration in 2013 or later – unless you’ve changed/edited them since receiving) – then Click on “Registration Renewal” and follow the prompts. (Forgotten your User Name and Password . . contact the Secretary of the VCV).

Instructions for EXISTING (Lapsed) MEMBERS: Follow the instructions for Existing Members (renewing) – above, but you may take the advantage of the conditions available for New Members if your membership has lapsed for one year or more and renew your membership any time after October 1st and your membership will be valid until the end of December the following year. If you were an A.V.C.C. member prior to 2013 – follow the instructions for New Member.

You’ll need your Credit Card handy as this is the only payment method available.
Membership Fees (including Insurance) for 2019 has been set at $190 which comprises of; Hume Club ($25), V.C.V. ($55) and A.V.C.C. ($110), but can be subject to amendment.
A receipt from Sports TG will be emailed back to you immediately after registration. (Please retain your email in case you need to reprint your licence)
Your receipt will also contain your Membership Licence which you’ll need to print out, retain and present when required (for instance if you race away with any other A.V.C.C. affiliated Club).

ONE DAY PERMIT RIDES: These are an introductory Permit that allows a new rider to participate in a ride under race conditions. The Permit is available to any new rider that has never previously held an A.V.C.C. licence in any state or territory in Australia, nor ever received or ridden on a One Day A.V.C.C. Permit in the last 5 years.
Note: that a One Day Permit is not a racing licence and must be accepted with its terms and conditions that are printed upon it. Two rides may be taken on the permit providing that they are completed within 30 days of each other and may only be used at or with the issuing club.
To apply or inquire for a One Day Permit – contact the Club Handicapper or President for details.

ALL MEMBERS: It is your responsibility to be aware of, and conversant with, the Rules and Regulations of the Hume Veterans Cycling Club, Veteran Cycling Victoria and the Australian Veteran Cycling Council, together with the current Road Rules and Regulations as required by the Victorian Police and Vic Roads whilst riding and, or competing with the Hume Veteran Cycling Club. You MUST abide by these rules and regulations at all times whilst being a member and representative of the Hume Veteran Cycling Club. Current Rules and Regulations for the H.V.C.C., V.C.V. & A.V.C.C. can be found on our website under “Rules”. Victorian Police and Vic Roads rules and regulations can be obtained on their respective websites.

Any problems/questions: contact Club Administration (see Executive drop down)