Welcome to the Hume Veterans Cycling Association Inc.

Whilst operating, the H.VC.A. was affiliated with the Veteran Cycling Victoria (V.C.V.) and the Australian Veteran Cycling Council (A.V.C.C.) which catered and caters for veteran aged racing respectively, until the termination and move of the V.C.V. to AusCycle.

The age for membership is 30 years for both Men and Women. Ages are taken from January 1st in the year of a riders birth date, and, membership is based on the date of joining for 12 months

There are currently six veteran clubs in Victoria (all ex V.C.V. clubs) affiliated with AusCycle.

The Hume members met to race fortnightly on Sunday's, on a range of courses in the North East of Victoria taking in Benalla, Glenrowan and Wangaratta, which varied in distance from 44 km to 66 km. Some courses flat, some hilly and some in between.
Races were mainly handicapped events to cater for all levels of ability thus giving everyone an equal chance of success.

The H.V.C.A. races commenced at 10 a.m. and most were finished by 11.45 a.m. During the summer's three months (December - February), start time was 9 a.m. to combat any possible heat conditions.

AusCycle financial members are entitled to ride in any event (subject to acceptance) in Australia where the host club is AusCycle sanctioned, so you're not just limited to riding with any single club.